Hello to over-50 glamour!

A new era is starting to be unleashed in over-50 glamour as a new report has shown that almost three quarters of women over 50 are still happily wearing high heels. With more and more middle age women looking up to fabulous celebs like; Kim Cattrall, Helen Mirren, and Jane Fonda, more are enjoying reaching mid-life.

‘The boundaries of ageing have changed beyond all recognition’, said Emma Soames from Saga Magazine, which commissioned the survey.

‘The sensible flat shoe is no longer the footwear of choice by older women who still like to dress fashionably and smartly until well into their seventies.’

She said older women were very keen to maintain a well-groomed image.

‘Older role models reflect the style that older women like to project. High heels are just part of the package,’ she said.

Older women, however, are careful to avoid the very highest stilettos, according to the Saga survey of 4,400 women. The most popular type, worn by 73 per cent of those polled, is the comfortable court shoe, followed by kitten heels worn by 30 per cent. Just ten per cent of older women brave stilettos and a mere two per cent dare to wear those 5in- plus super-high heels. But like any high-heel wearers, older women should give their feet the occasional rest and slip into some ballet pumps or flat boots.

Will 2011 be the year of the midlife woman? Will more women be encouraged to age with attitude? Will this new wave of later-life glamour become a new way of ageing?

What ever the outcome, it is all positive in my eyes. It is great to see solid facts showing the increase of midlife confidence, and displaying older women looking just as or often even more beautiful and happy as they were when they were younger.

If you are interested in finding your new liberated self or you have some changes you want to make in any area of your life please do check out my Age with Attitude courses on my website. http://www.agewithattitude.co.uk. The next one starts on the 2nd April.


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